The Strategic Partnering Pocketbook 1st edition (2004)

Pocketbook cover Written by Tony Lendrum
Published by McGraw-Hill

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Drawing on his best selling The Strategic Partnering Handbook, Tony Lendrum condenses his models, tools, applications, checklists and diagnostics, to enable the time-poor reader to learn and be challenged in high-performance relationship management.

Tony Lendrum and cartoonist Jock Macneish have combined the words and images to create a unique insight into strategic partnerships and alliances, resulting in an easy to read, step by step guide to implementing high performance relationships into your business. The pocketbook also introduces 0 to 10 Relationship Management and associated models and tools.

Today’s globalisation of markets and increasingly intense competition demand a focus on innovative improvement. The growing complexity of technology makes it almost impossible for organizations to go it alone and be successful. It’s not uncommon for adversaries to become collaborative colleagues, confrontation and competition to become cooperation, and separate and often conflicting strategies to become shared vision and common goals. In this environment where trust and transparency are embraced for mutual benefit, an understanding of strategic partnerships and alliances is essential.


  • Chapter 1: A short story to start with
  • Chapter 2: The 0 to 10 Relationship Management Matrix
  • Chapter 3: Getting started
  • Chapter 4: Culture – the relationship principles and values
  • Chapter 5: Strategy – the relationship business drivers and value propositions
  • Chapter 6: Structure – the relationship interface
  • Chapter 7: Process – the relationship roadmap
  • Chapter 8: People – the relationship delivery
  • Epilogue: A short story to end with